We invite proposals for Mini-symposiums to be held in conjunction with the International Neural Regeneration Symposium (INRS) that will take place in Nantong, China.

Date and time: To be announced

Program: To be announced.

INRS Mini-symposiums will facilitate the exchange of new ideas in all areas related to neural regeneration research and practice. A variety of formats can be considered, ranging from traditional research paper/poster presentations to extremely interactive and participatory sessions. We particularly invite proposals that cover controversial viewpoints, emerging topics or transformative ideas aimed at changing basic science to clinical therapeutic development, where a focused dialogue among participants may lead to interesting follow-on research, basic investigations or clinical practice improvement!

INRS Mini-symposium organizers will be honored to join in the Mini-symposium Committee, and are responsible for establishing a program committee, collecting and evaluating submissions, notifying authors of acceptance or rejection in due time, and ensuring a transparent and fair selection process, organizing selected papers into sessions, and assigning session chairs. A INRS workshop is a half day event.

The confirmed sessions (Chinese/English):

1) Neural regeneration and repair basic research (Chinese) by Prof. Libing Zhou

2) Cerebrovascular disease and neural repair (Chinese) by Prof. Gang Chen

3) Emotional disorders and neural regeneration (Chinese) by Prof. Guiyun Xu

4) Brain cognition and neuromodulation (Chinese) by Prof. Zhiqi Mao

5) Neural circuit reconstruction and rehabilitation (Chinese) by Prof. Dongsheng Xu

6) Spinal cord injury (Chinese) by Prof. Hui Zhu

7) Spine injury and functional reconstruction (Chinese) by Prof. Xiaodong Guo

8) Spine degeneration and neuroprotection (Chinese) by Prof. Zhonghai Li

9) Peripheral nerve injury and repair (Chinese) by Prof. Jinghui Huang

10) Neuroimaging and neural regeneration (Chinese) by Prof. Jun Liu

11) Stem cell translational research (Chinese) by Prof. Bin Wang

12) Severe heart condition and brain protection (Chinese) by Prof. Hongguang Han

13) Neurological intensive care and rehabilitation (Chinese) by Prof. Yan Liu

14)Traditional Chinese Medicine Research and Neural Regeneration (Chinese) by Prof. Zhifang Xu

15) Acupuncture and neurorehabilitation (Chinese) by Prof. Luwen Zhu

16) Young scientists forum (Chinese/English)