Ten Themes:

(1) Keynote Speech

(2) Brain Injury

(3) Neural Plasticity and Regeneration

(4) Neural Immune Interaction

(5) Neural Modulation

(6) Urinary Bladder Function Recovery

(7) Autonomic Dysfunction

(8) Gut Microbiota and Neural Regeneration

(9) International Spinal Cord Injury Treatments and Trials

(10) Raising Star in Neural Regeneration

About the INRS Conference

No.YearHost City, Country
Shenyang, China
2012Shenyang, China
2013Shenyang, China
2014Nanjing, China
2015Guangzhou, China
2016Yinchuan, China
2017Seoul, Republic of Korea
2018Guangzhou, China
IX2019Hualien, Taiwan, China
XTo be announcedNantong, China